Jessica needs our help

Jessica could keep her smile
thanks to you

Jessica is from Chile and has been living in Montreal, Quebec, for 30 years. During all this time, she has been volunteered in the Quebec Community. Moreover, she works for homeless people with mental health problems and in the meantime, she takes care of her three children.

Last June, Jessica has been diagnosed with T-cell cancer.
Since Jessica received several chemotherapy treatments.
The next step should be the stem cells transplant.
However, her family is facing a huge problem, there is no compatible donor in the international bank.
So, it is an emergency to find a compatible donor for Jessica

Stem cells and ethnicity

Jessica being from Latin-American, to be compatible the donor must be a Latin-American person.

That is why we are asking for help and solidarity from the Latin American community.

What to do to be a donor.

  • You must be between 18 and 35 years old.
  • By suscribing to Hema-Quebec list, they will send you a kit, for free, to do the test and see if your are compatible with Jessica or another person who needs it. (The test is simple: a cotton swab that you pass on the inside of your cheeks)

What to do to donate your stem sells, if you are from elsewhere in the world.

  • You must contact the official stem cells donation agency in your country.
  • To do this, refer to the list of organizations in each country using the link below.

What should I do to give my baby’s umbilical cord?

  • Talk with your doctor about your intention to make this vital gift.
  • You can also contact Héma-Québec.

Message from Javiera, Jessica’s daughter, to the community

Jessica with Ignacio, her youngest son.

Jessica with Gustavo, her son